Andwella’s Dream
Eel Pie Island, London in The 60s. Nig Smith
Somewhere in Ireland
Nig Smith today performing with Sarah Middleton-Wolley and The Reflections
L-R Paul Mountain, Sarah Middleton Wooley, Clancy Quickmire, Nigel Smith
Andwella's Dream was formed in Ireland and moved to London in the late 60s Members where Nigel Smith (Bass), Dave Lewis (guitar and Keys) and Gordon Barton (Drums). ‘Love and Poetry’ was our first album followed by ‘Worlds End’ and then ‘People's People’. Various singles came out along the way but never quite made it. After the band split Dave had a number one hit with Demis Roussos and a song called ‘Happy to Be On An Island In The Sun’. Andwella’s Dream
photographs courtesy Nigel Smith