The Fabulous Beatmen
Bill Brazier, John Landon, Paul Mountain and Rob Duffy performing at the Arnold Show 2006
The Beatmen with Tracy Martin
Cliff & Stuart reunited with their guitar.
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photographs courtesy of Bill Brazier
photographs courtesy of Tony Mann
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The Tour Bus

with Cliff
with Stuart
with Justin
The Gibson ES 345 Stereo Blonde was originally purchased by Cliff Haynes in 1961 from Papworths  Music Store, Alfreton Road, Nottingham, and was resold back to them when Cliff ceased playing with The Beatmen.  It was then purchased by Stuart Lane (Stormcats/Mansfields) who eventually sold the guitar for £130 to Carlsbro, Mansfield, in 1967  The guitar was then purchased by Justin Haywood (Moody Blues) for £150 and subsequently featured on the front cover of International Musician May 1977.  In the interview for the magazine Justin Haywood said,” The Stereo is beautiful, I just saw it in an ad, I used to have a roadie who was very good at picking up those kind of things. I used it on a couple of things, I played solo on ‘Seventh Sojurn’ and on ‘Every good boy deserves favour’, it’s beautiful for real stereo recording and that’s what I liked about it and it’s got a very fine and precise sound and I love the sound that it gives right through the range. It’s good for electric rhythm as well”.  Having sold the guitar almost 40 years ago the nearest Stuart Lane thought he would ever get to seeing it again was when he purchased a copy of International Musician.  However in August 2006 whilst searching the internet for ‘Gibson ES345 Stereo-Blonde he stumbled across the website of a retailer who specialises in rare and vintage guitars. And there it was, Stuart’s guitar in the original case and an illustration of it being played by Justin Haywood on stage. The store was Southworth Guitars, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. After ‘interesting’ negotiations the guitar is now back in the UK in the hands of Stuart Lane (and please don’t ask him how much he paid). The sister Gibson that Bill Brazier bought in 1961 at the same time Cliff Haynes first purchased his Gibson is still owned and played by him and used when he performed with the Beatmen.  This means that that the original shipment of these two guitars now vintage is back in the UK after 45 years  Oh well if ever proof were ever needed about the power of the internet here it is.  Stuart Lane

The Locarno Ballroom Nottingham
The fabulous Beatmen formed in the late 50s, with all the lads coming from Arnold in Nottingham. They played all over the UK with the most memorable event being a performance at The Royal Albert Hall in London. They toured Germany in the 60s playing at The Star Club in Hamburg along with Dave Dee, Dozy Beaky Mick and Titch. On returning home they made their first single with PYE records which resulted in an appearance on the 60s TV show ‘Thank your Lucky Stars’. They also appeared on TV’s Saturday Club with Jean Morton and the unforgettable Tinga and Tucka puppets, and on a number of radio shows. Since they reformed they have appeared on several shows for Radio Nottingham in The Old Market Square, The Embankment and The Moor Green County show. They appeared regularly at The Commodore International including the last show held there with The MerseyBeats. The Beatmen thought they had made their final appearance at The Locarno Ballroom Nottingham in 1966, but they performed a reunion event in 1999 with three of the original group members. Bill Brazier, Paul Mountain and Bill Moseley plus ex Jaybirds drummer Dave Clancy Quickmire. They continued to perform until 2003. John Landon, who had played with 60s band Clockwork Toys, joined as drummer that same year and Rob Duffy from local 60s bands The Children and The Nerve joined as lead vocalist in 2004. With original band members Paul Mountain(bass guitar) and Bill Brazier (lead guitar and founder member) the Beatmen continued with their own classic style of performing hits fro the 50s and 60s from Buddy Holly, The Shadows, Elvis and Chuck Berry until 2007.