Reunion 40 years later, only the chair has changed!
The Clockwork Toys
John Landon, Ian McLaughlin, Pete Berry, Mick Hinchliff, John Grace.
The Clockwork Toys Formed in 1963 known as The Hoodoos until March 68, original line up, Guitar /Vocals John Grace, Ian Mac, bass/ Vocals Tony Garfitt, Drums Will Huggins, Vocals John Roberts replaced by Mick Winney from Midlesboro, 1965 Peter”Chuck” Berry from Person’s Unknown replaces Mick Winney. 1967 January to end of October tour West Germany & Belgium playing civilian clubs & U.S. Army Bases from Hamburg to Kaiserslautern in the south. During the tour ex. Carpet Bagger’s Mick Barker Drums & Mick Hinchliff Bass/Vocals replace Tony & Will. On returning home in November John Landon Drums & Vocals replaces Barker. This line up became the Clockwork Toy’s in mid 1968 & was probably the best known line up of the group, but despite spending a lot of studio time recording their own material & covers of the Zombies, Temptation’s, Drifters,The Action & Don Covay they were still unable to land a recording deal despite interest from major labels. In 1971 the group started work as Vince Eager’s backing band with lots of personnel changes it finished up as three piece Landon, Grace, Hinchliff who were known as Frazer, Finch & Young at one time. Reformed for one night only in 2006 playing at a private function with The Beatmen.
photographs courtesy of Ian McLaughlin
Ian, Mick & Pete
outside the Carlton Hotel
Colin Staples Blues Band
The band formed in early 1971 with Colin on vocals, rhythm guitar and mouth harp, Mick Dale on lead guitar, Paul “Beano” Summers on piano and occasional slide guitar, Steve Hurd on bass guitar and Paul “Jamso” James on drums. The band played in many venues around the Midlands and on one occasion at Henry’s Blues House in Birmingham found themselves on the same bill as Champion Jack Dupree. Jack liked their sound and adopted them as his backing band which led to appearances on radio and TV, most notably a session on the German television music programme “Beat Club”. After a couple of years the band finally broke up in mid 1973. Colin Staples Blues Band with Champion Jack Dupree in the Bremen TV studios in Germany on 27th October 1971, during the recording session for the music show “Beat Club”.