Dave Kaye &The Dykons
Dave Kaye and The Dykons After 12 years with the original Dykons Dave went solo for a while, then in 1979 he was back with the group. Although The Dykons had had many different members over the years four of them, in this particular line up, had been together for 15 years. Namely Dave Kaye, Willie Watts (Bass) Ray Rhodes (Keyboards) Pete McGrother (Guitar) and Malc Froggatt (Drums) who is one of the originals from the 60's. As Dave recorded all those years ago with the late great Joe Meek he still gets invited to sing at the various appreciation society functions. Recently he was at the Borderline club in London along with other acts as you can see on the yellow leaflet below. Dave Kaye.​
Dave Kaye
courtesy Dave Kaye
John Baker, Leith Staley, John Middleton, Dave Kaye, Malc Frogatt