The Dynamic Detours
The Dynamic Detours,1962 - 1965. Brian Coleman (lead guitar),Ray Coleman(drums), Derek Turner (Rhythm Guitar), Dave Painter (bass), Roy Benison (vocals), Dorothy Town (vocals). First gig Bentinck Welfare Kirkby in Ashfield, supported Eric Winstone Big Band at Sutton Baths.
The Dynamic Detours playing at The Winning Post Clifton Nottingham in the 60s
L to R: Chris Syson bass / Kevin Unwin guitar/ Malcolm? drums/ Tony? vocals Doughnutt (1970-71) Formed out of the remnants of the band Maze. After guitarist tony Wilson and bassist John Carling left the band the vocalist Tony and drummer Malcolm decided to form a new band with the help of manager Ray Glover. Kevin Unwin auditioned for the post of lead guitar at the tender age of 16 and then recommended a pal of his for the bass duties, his name was Chris Syson. The band travelled the highways and byways extensively for a year and a half, doing the very large working men's clubs in Newcastle and Sunderland,and more miners welfare's and pubs than we can possibly remember. Our Mr ten percent Ray was very good at his job and a hard task master.
Five Fellas
The Five Fellas Group active from 1950s until 1960s. Members were: Rod Connell, Jonny Atkins, Rod Ward, Malc Marsh and John Chapman who went on to sing for Jonathan Kane and the Freemen. Rod Conell went on to play with The Sherwoods Trio. with Jeff Whitehouse and Jim Cartwright.