Lambs of The World
Lambs of The World 1967 John(Chambo)Chambers, Clive Lynch, Mick Vaughan, John Raynor Mick Vaughan later became a founder member of Paper Lace and John Rayner played in Billy Fury’s Backing band The Tornadoes and continues to do so. Clive Lynch today performs as a solo artiste Carrington Brookes.
Mothers’ Worry
Clive Lynch, Bobby Charles, Mick Anson, John Spray
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c 1966
MickVaughan, John Raynor, Clive (Sutch) Lynch, John (Chambo) Chambers
Mick Vaughan later to join Paper Lace, John Raynor currently in The Billy Fury Story, and Clive still entertains on the south coast UK as Carrington Brookes.