Midnight Shift
K52 Club Frankfurt 1966
Eric Wrixon from a band called ‘Them’, Nigel(Nig)Smith, John Landon, Barry Heald(sax) Eric Wrixon went on to also play with ‘Thin Lizzy’
K52 Club Frankfurt 1966
John Landon
Purple Haze
Purple Haze started out around ‘63/’64 as The ‘T’ Set. The first engagement was at the Commodore on Nuthall Road. They changed their name to Synco Sounds around 1964 and like most other Notiinghamshire bands were out 5 nights per week throughout the county and surrounding areas. Venues included Grey Goose, Hucknall Miners Welfare Monsall Dale.
L to R Phil Neal, Jim Whitlam (Manager), Roger Bainbridge, Keith Tunstall and Tom Cook outside Newstead Miners Welfare c1964
L to R Tom Cook, Phil Neal, Keith Tunstall and Roger Bainbridge at a midweek gig at The Queens Head, Kimberley.
Roger Bainbridge left the band around ’66 and prepared to emigrate to Austrailia, where he still lives with his family in Adelaide. His place was taken by ex Mother’s Worry guitarist, John Spray and another name change followed to Purple Haze which remained in place.
L to R Keith Tunstall, Tom Cook, John Spray and Phil Neal relax in between sets at The Cornhill Club, Nottingham.
Keith Tunstall and John Spray on stage at The Cornhill Club.
In 2014 Keith Tunstall and John Spray formed a tribute act as part of a charity event. This took place in November 2014 which was almost 50 years since they first performed together and around 45 years since they last performed together. It was an Everly Brothers tribute and for the night they were The Elderley Brothers. Hardly original, but summed them up and they had some fine young musicians backing them.
Peace was formed by John Spray and Rod Bettle in 1968 they were together for the next 4 years and split in 1972.
From L-R: Chris Syson(Bass) Steve Otta(Drums) Rod Bettle(Lead Vocals) John Spray(Lead Guitar Vocals)
The MAZE L to R, John Carling (Bass), Malcome Pridgeon (Drums, Tony Wilson (Guitar) Tony Kicks (vocalist) After The Maze Tony and Malcome formed ‘Doughnutt’ . Tony went on to form the Chantells with his wife Jill and Mat Locke. Tony Kicks went on to perform solo appearing on shows in the USA with Bobby Vee, Bobby Rydell, The Chiffons, Gary Puckett and many others, under the name of Tony Lee and is still working today. After the band split Tony Wilson John Carling and drummer Pete Donovan formed a pop/jazz trio playing at the Imperial Hotel on St James Street Nottingham. Later John Carling teamed up with Andy Toone on guitar and Stew Knowles on drums to form 70s rock trio Odysseus, included on the Nottingham Castle Rock LP. After 1980 no longer playing with bands but working with the late John Birch the famous guitar builder from Birmingham until he died in 2000. John Birch left the business to John Carling which he still runs today.
Midnight Shift, taken in 1966….3 B&W were taken by Decca records as a promotional doc, and colour shot  on the stairs of the Ship Inn at Skegness the same year. Personel (colour pic.) : Rog Lymn, Paul Mountain, Dave Quickmire, Bill Moseley, Barry Heald.