Our Young
The Mysteries Arnold, 1964. Left to right: Wayne Ford (later on with Carl and the Starlighters, Carl Pagan and the Heathens, Our Young and Whichwhat), Bob Todd (later on with Carl Pagan and the Heathens, Our Young and Whichwhat), Mick Hanson (bass guitar) – the others are Mick and John, sorry no surnames for these two! Note the power lead is plugged into a light socket!! Wayne and Bob left the band together and the replacement drummer was Bobby Charles.
Our Young – promotional photo, taken at Banner Productions offices 11-13 Manvers Street about April 1966 ready to launch us on 7 May at the Rainbow Rooms - (line-up as above).
Carl Pagan and the Heathens. Left to right: Derek Smith (formerly of the Chunks and Carl and the Starlighters), Wayne Ford (formerly of the Mysteries and Carl and the Starlighters), Bob Todd (formerly of the Mysteries) and Ray Wood formed in July 1965. This picture came from a business card (hence how grainy it is) and was taken at the front of Arnot Hill House, Arnold Park on Sunday 29 August 1965 after a religious service gig we played.
Our Young – taken from the balcony at Nottingham Palais (line-up as above). The date of this is probably Thursday 20th October 1966.
Ray Wood, Bob Todd, Derek Smith, Wayne Ford
Our Young taken at the Dancing Slipper Tuesday 20th December 1966 (line-up as above). This was a private function hence we were on the little stage at the far end instead of the big one on the left against the window.
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Photographs courtesy Bob Todd
Pussy Foot 4
Harry Hopewell (bass) Roger Lymn (rhythm) Jim Cartwright (drums) Paddy Flynn (Lead) The PussyFoot 4 prior to ‘Sons of Adam’