Roy Dwain & The Roamers
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Roy Dwain and The Roamers  The group was formed in the summer of 1960 by 18 year olds Roy Braddow (Roy Dwain) and Barrie Smith and 16 year old John Dashper with the addition of a succession of temp drummers under the name of Roy Dwain and the Travellers, by autumn 61 a permanent drummer Gerald Drakefield was in place and due to another local group from Doncaster with the same name we changed to The Roamers, a short time after this Roy decided to stop playing guitar and a dedicated rhythm guitarist John Pearson joined. The group had moderate success in the local area of Nott’s, Yorks, Lincs and Derbyshire working 3-4 nights a week on a regular basis in clubs and dance halls often the support for the stars of the day, in Nov 1963 an appearance on “For Teenagers Only” on ATV didn’t do what the group had hoped and at the end of that year Roy and the group parted company. The Roamers went on as a four piece for a further 3 years until finally calling it a day at the end of 1966. Band Members:  Roy Braddow  (Vocals), Barrie Smith (Lead Guitar) John Dashper (Bass Guitar), Jack Pearson (Rhythm Guitar), Gerald Drakefield (Drums)
Holiday Camp Skegness 1963
‘Teenagers Only’ TV Show 1963
Roy Ravelle & The Gamblers
The line up for Roy Ravelle and the Gamblers was as follows: Frank Bramley lead guitar, Terry Burton rhythm guitar, Chris Bramley bass guitar, Mike Brightman drums and Roy Benison (Roy Ravelle)vocals. Roy Ravelle and the Gamblers, Nov '62 to Feb '64. First gig : The Granada/Mansfield, other gigs included Palais/Mansfield, Carousel/Nottingham, Corn Exchange/Newark, Oval/Sutton, Sun Inn/Eastwood plus too many others to mention. The Dynamic Detours featuring Roy Ravelle, March '64 to April '66. Gigs at Festival Inn/Trowell, Dancing Slipper & Commodore/Nottingham, Palais/Worksop & Mansfield, Golden Diamond/Sutton, Pavilion/Matlock plus numerous others.In the month of April '64 we performed 19 times. In April '65 we signed to the Jack Denman Agencywhich gave us the opportunity to perform in Sheffield, Stoke, Stafford and Nottingham. Memorable evening December 27 '65, appeared at Palais/Mansfield 19.30 to 23.30 then on to The Baths/Sutton playing from Midnight to 04.00. What a night! From '62 to '66 Roy Ravelle performed at 476 venues in 7 counties,Notts,Derbys,Lincs,Leics,Staffs,Yorks and CountyDurham.