Salty Dog
Salty Dog Salty Dog started out as a 3 piece called Sting. Based on the South coast, playing the pubs and clubs of Sussex, we were one of many pre-punk era bands playing the Southern circuit. Sting 1973-76 (Pics 1&2) - Lee Smith (Guitar & Vocals), Kev Kirwan (Bass and Vocals), Richard Warr (Drums), at times added David Hanson (Flute), Keith Fakenbridge (Keys) ****** About that time the band 'Police' charted and their bass player/front man had our name so we changed to 'Salty Dog'. The Brighton scene was buzzing in the late 70's so when the dice fell there were several other local bands aiming high and turning pro. From amongst our school chums and local muso's came - 'Rocky Sharp and the Replays', 'Darts', 'Leo Sayer' 'The DP's' to name a few. Despite writing a host of original material Salty Dog found themselves doing covers in clubland. We supported many 60's artistes such as 'Ricky Valance' and 'Solomon King'. Around this time we came to the attention of Nottingham Agent 'Tony Sherwood' and he brought us to the Midlands for the start of our pro careers. Whilst with Tony we played the clubs on a wide UK circuit. Travelling took its toll in August 78 with one of our guitarists leaving the band to return to Sussex. He was replaced by the drummers keyboard playing girlfriend, and we continued to tour until summer 79. The band then came of off the road to go back to the real world, with each member getting proper jobs !! During our time with Tony we made many firm muso friends (incl Brian & Michael 'Matchstalk Men') and worked the club scene with some top players, Dire Straits at the Middlesborough Rock Garden in June 78 standing out.
Sting Sting
Lee Smith (Guitar & Vocals), Nige Brown (Guitar & Vocals), Kev Kirwan (Bass and Vocals), Richard Warr (Drums).
Lee Smith (Guitar & Vocals), Kev Kirwan (Bass and Vocals), Richard Warr (Drums), Jill Baker (Keys & Vocals).
photographs courtesy of Kev Kirwan
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