Tempo Victors
Tempo Victors 1965 – 1967 (photo taken just prior to Germany tour in Oct 1966) Left to right: Chris Clifford (Rhythm Guitar/vocals) Barry St Ives (Vocals) Tony ‘Sid’ Smith (Drums) Rudy Davis (lead Guitar/vocals) Tony Keetley (Bass/vocals) Became known as a ‘Show band’ – very popular at venues like Basford Hall MW, Spring water Social, Had regular Monday nights at the Cherry Tree + many gigs out of town. Went out to Germany in October 1966. Played at the a club in Schleswig for a few weeks before going to the Star Club in Hamburg for 1 week then on to the Star club in Keil where we supported Bill Haley & the Comets show on a recorded TV show. In 1967 Barry St Ives left to replace ‘Gerry Dorsey’ in Billy Shaw’s ‘Show- stoppers’ (a Leicester band I believe) - he then went on to bigger things in America as a Comic/Singer. Chris Clifford & me (Tony Keetley) left to be replaced by Ian Goodall & Tony
Kinder (former Tony D & the Shakeouts) joined Rudy Davis & ‘Sid’ Smith to form a new band. (not sure if they kept the Tempo Victor name) They stayed together for around 18 months then Ian moved back to Manchester. Anyone know the current whereabouts of Barry St Ives – Chris Clifford – Rudy Davis & Tony ‘Sid’ Smith? Tony Keetley is well & living in Attenborough (still playing guitar for own amusement and doing some recording) Courtesy Tony Keetley
Tempo Victors (original line up) 1963 – 1965 Left to right: Back row: Roger Smith (Drums/vocals) – Mick Fletcher (Lead Guitar/vocals) – John Painter (Rhythm Guitar) Front Row: Tony Keetley (Bass/Vocals) – ‘Little Mick’ (Vocals) – ‘Bob the Egyptian’ (Keyboards) This group was formed after the split of a group called the Outputs - Roger Smith & John Painter were with the Outputs with a lead Guitarist called Pete & a bass player called Malc. They were an instrumental band playing mainly ‘Shadows’. *need help with Little Micks last name – also ‘Bob the Egyptian (where are they now?) Played mainly at the usual local venues in & around Nottingham Bob the ‘Egyptian’ left after about 12 months or so followed by ‘Little Mick’ sometime later. Barry St Ives replaced Little Mick as lead vocalist in 1965. There was a big shake-up soon after Barry joined as John Painter & Roger Smith left being replaced with Chris Clifford & ‘Sid’ Smith. Rudy Davis came in to replace Mick Fletcher on guitar very soon after.
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