The Silhouettes
A Silhouettes story by Jim Cartwright I started music in 1959 when I came out of the army first with keyboard player called Rodger at the Dale hotel Sneinton Dale then on to the ‘Jail breakers‘ with Alan Upton, Max Barnes, and a young Graham Barnes AKA Alvin Lee. I joined The Silhouettes early sixties with Pete Lewis, Archie Roberts and Brian Scrimshaw, Pete, Brian and myself doing vocals playing Shadows stuff and Chuck Berry etc. we did a lot around Mansfield, Shirebrook and as far a field as Morecambe Floral Hall and the Boston Gliderdrome, various places some times working with other groups. I left the group but stayed friends. Norman Sullivan from Calverton replaced me. We all got together after that when Archie Roberts died and did reunion at the Sand Hills pub Underwood, it was full, in fact the governor asked us to do another night and a few of the local musicians came. Ron Kent who I had worked with in Shane Wyman & The Senators, Mick Chapman and others. Colin Horton Trio I joined The kinsmen, who were originally The Five Fellas, when they disbanded myself and lead guitarist Rod Connell together with bass player Geoff Whitehouse formed The Sherwood's trio. When I left to join Reg Guest Colin went with them.
Jim Cartwright playing with ‘The Jail Breakers’
The Colin Horton Trio
L-R: Rod Connell, Colin Horton, Geoff Whitehouse