The Mansfields / Storm Cats
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Ricky Storm and The Storm Cats 1965
Mike Charles & The Cavaliers
Mike Charles & The Cavaliers There was Roy Hampson (Bass), Geoff Boam (Rhythm), Jim Pringle (Lead Guitar). The vocalist was Mick Elliott who was tragically killed by electrocution in a club somewhere. He was also with me in The Tony Evans dance band at Derby Locarno and The Plaza, Belfast 64/65 The Cavaliers were fairly shortlived and in 1963 I went off to Hamburg with vocalists Chris Clifford and the infamous Barry St Ives. Geoff was also with us, on bass this time. On our return in early 1964 I was lucky enough to to join Don Jones at Nottingham Locarno, which was the start of my professional career. Jim Pringle
Mark Fayne & The Fontains
Steve Taylor (lead guitar), Mark Fayne(Stuart Moore)vocals, Mike Jackson(drums), Ian Day(bass).
Shortly before they became THE CHILDREN
Mark Fayne & The Fontains
Ricky Storm and the Stormcats was formed in September 1962 by Stu Lane on lead guitar, Keith Williams on rhythm guitar & vocals, Mick Hodgkinson on bass, sax, piano, vocals and Ric Lee on drums. Ric Lee later joined ‘The Jaybirds ‘ replacing their drummer Dave Quickmire who quit the rock biz. The band then became ‘Ten Years After’. Stuart Lane had also played with The Beatmen. Keith 'Nip' Woodcock joined the Mansfields on drums to replace Rik Lee. In Early 1964 The Stormcats became The Mansfields. The band played every gig around the Nottingham area and finally turned professional in September 1964.