Hop, Scotch and Blanket The Hound Dogs
MI5 Playing at The Pigalle Club Drury Hill Nottingham.
Chuck Crest & The Crystelles
Mick Chapman (Singer) Ramon Naylor (Drummer) bass, rhythm and lead Guitarist???
Mark Kenton & The Cheaters
L-R Ian Day (bass), Carlo Santana(lead), Tony Yorke(vocals), Brian Buckby(drums),Bob Lee(rhythm) Ian Day later formed Mark Fayne & The Fontains and then The Children,Lovin/Nerve. Carlo Santana joined Paper Lace
The Carpet Baggers
Cincinnatti Band Members L-R Graham Sharpe - guitar/vocals Andy Murden - drums Jim Price - bass John Grace - guitar/vocals
The Farran Christie Big 6 Vocalist Neil Lakin obtained his stage name by combining two names, taken from a grocers shop (Farrands)and a hairdressers (Kristy’s) in Hucknall / Bulwell. Highlights: Touring with Brian Poole and The Tremeloes. Auditioning at Abbey Road studios in 1964 and meeting The Beatles who were recording The ‘Beatles for Sale’ LP. Winning the regional heat of The Coombes National group talent competition.
Derek Wiggington (drums), Bill Storey (keyboards), Martin Kenny (Lead guitar), Neil Lakin (Farran Kristy), Stuart Burgan (rhythm guitar), Bob White (bass)
This End John Smith Affair MI5 Cincinnatti The Scott Gibson Four
The Scott Gibson Four, formed around 1962, tour of Germany 1963 continued until about 1964-65 Bill Ball joined for Germany trip but not shown on photo.
Terry Bostock (lead vocals), Trevor Ellis (lead guitar), Bill Ball (rhythm guitar) Dave Morris (bass), Brian Randle (drums)
Soloman’s Parables
Soloman’s Parables Originally called The Blue Caps first played at The Apollo Bulwell approx. 1965
Soloman’s Parables Dave Flint (vocalist), Mick Reed(bass), Tony Smith(drums), John Baines(lead guitar), Bob Malinovsky(rhythm guitar).
Strangers L - R ?(dep.on night), Pete Metherington, Dave Maslen, John Maslen, Len Graham.
Alpha Brass Convention
Terry Penn(bass) Mel Monks (guitar) Walt Savage (organ)Mick Brown (sax)
Band leader; Pat (trumpet & vocals) Karl (bass & vocals) Roy (keyboard) Gren Ash (drums) The band played covers of the hits of the time, mostly seventies, and worked dinner dances and clubs with a residency at The Elm Tree Hoveringham every Sunday night, which is now private dwellings. Gren Ash was also the drummer with Nottingham based harmony band 'Strawberry Fields' Early seventies, and a dep drummer for Dukeries entertainments, playing at just about every pub and club in a 30 mile radius of Nottingham. Gren also played drums with 'The Barry Peat Trio' every Sunday night at the Pavillion Long Eaton. Jazz first set and then backing for free lance singers and musicians.
No photographs available
Bobby Wayne & The Stormers
Bobby Wayne & The Stormers c.1964 - 1966 (Clifton Nottm) Rob Haywood (drums), Mick Hopper (Guitar), Bob Treece (Guitar), Dave Hall (Bass Guitar), and Colin Fletcher - Vocals (Bobby Wayne). Gigs: Local church halls in Clifton and Wilford and Pub/Clubs including Hendon Rise Social Club, The Winning Post and The Man of Trent in Clifton, The Grey Goose at Gedling, The Green Man at Ripley, The Dungeon and lots more.
Nottingham Old Library in the background
In front of Jack Brentnall’s Music shop.
Colours of Love
Line-up l to r: John Brierley, Kevin Harrison, Chris Raynor and Peter Dennis
The Houndogs formed in 1964 in Nottingham, with a line-up of Rik Kenton on bass, Allen Cornell on lead vocals, Mick Kenton on drums,Bob Wyvill on guitar Graham Wyvill on guitar. The Houndogs split in 1967.
Long Beach California
Stevie Saxon (Vocals).Norman Rowell (Lead guitar),Mick Barker (Drums), Mick Hinchliff (Bass guitar/vocals), Mick Topliss (Rhythm guitar),
The Farran Kristie Big 6