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WHICHWHAT Formed in 1968,Whichwhat joined the vibrant 60's Nottingham music scene at a time when every pub and club had live music. They were soon established amongst the elite bands of that period : Sons and Lovers, Six Across, etc. and within 5 months achieved a recording contract on Beacon Records.    Between 1968 and 1971 Whichwhat released 5 singles and one LP. (whichwhat's first).    They achieved chart success in Holland, Australia   and Japan with these songs :-  "Gimme Gimme Good Lovin" , “In the year 2525” and " Why do lovers break  each  others heart". Before their eventual demise Whichwhat went through a series of personnel changes, and turned from a great cover band into a serious progressive rock outfit.
Band members included :- Eddie Young-(lead vocals)  Mick Brown - (Sax/flute),   Terry Penn - (bass), John Bednall - (drums), Walt Savage - (keyboards), Steve Harris - (drums), Kip Wilkes - (Sax / Flute), Mel Monks - (guitar), Jim Marsden - (trumpet), John Barlow - (drums), Wayne Ford - (guitar),
  Whichwhat This was taken at the 360 Club, Bulwell in 1969   Left to right: Terry Penn, Bob Todd, Eddie Young (real name Theodore Demetriou), Mick Brown and Wayne Ford.  This was taken from a 35mm colour slide.